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E = mc2

Encouraging informed debate on science-faith issues and concern for the environment

Three Counties Borders Forum

04 November 2015

Inaugural meeting

St Peter's Frimley

17 February   2016

Genes and Human Identity

High Cross Camberley

14 June        2016

Sustaining God's Earth

St Paul's Camberley

15 November 2016

Beginning Life in a Brave New World

St Peter's Frimley

28 February   2017

Nanoscience: a new aspect of God’s creation

St Peter's Farnborough

27 June        2017

Can a Christian believe in Evolution?

St Paul's Camberley

17 October    2017

God and the Brain: what neuroscience can teach us

High Cross Church Camberley

16 February   2018

One day Youth Event (cancelled)

St Paul's Camberley

20 February   2018

God in the Lab .... and the Big Questions of Life

St Peter's Frimley

12 June        2018

What will happen the day after tomorrow?

St Peter's Farnborough

16 October    2018

Bioethics and genetic Modification

High Cross Camberley

12 February   2018

Chaos, Chance and the character of God

St Paul's Camberley

We are drawn from a wide area within the northern geographical aspect of the diocese of Guildford and the southern aspect of the diocese of Oxford: roughly from Guildford in the south to Bracknell and Wokingham in the north, from Fleet and Farnborough in the west to Woking in the east. This covers parts of the three contiguous counties of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire. A geographically descriptive and alternative name for the group is thus “The Three County Borders Forum”.

A total of nearly 200 people, from 21 churches attended the first two meetings. Meetings, starting with the inaugural are listed below. To open the presentation, if available, hover and click on a title.


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