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Three Counties Borders Forum

Encouraging informed debate on science-faith issues and concern for the environment

Next  Talk 12 February 2019

St. Paul’s Church,  Camberley

How to get there …

Our meetings to date have been huge successes and attracted up to 120 people to each event (see printable Posters on the Timeline page including one for this event).

Chaos, Chance and the Character of God

Professor Paul Ewart

is Head of the Dept. of Atomic and Laser Physics

 at the University of Oxford

200 years ago, order and structure in science pointed to the existence of God. Chance, however, lies at the heart of modern sciences such as quantum physics an cosmology. Paul will examine the issues implied by order and chance in nature, considering whether chance is necessary to preserve God’s sovereign control in a world in which we have free will.

Doors open 7.00pm; Illustrated talk begins at 7.30 pm  Admission is FREE.

More information on the Poster in the Timeline page.


If you intend to come, it would help if you would advise in advance at email secretary@science-faith-issues.org or Dr John Russell at chynoweth.jw@gmail.com, telephone 01276 66565

A Poster for this event will be available from the Timeline page

Get Thinking!

Explore the Interaction

of Science and Faith

One Day Event

Postponed to 16 February


St Paul’s Church Camberley

For details click here:  

Registration required:

Voluntary contribution £5 - Pay at the door


St Paul’s, Camberley